Londa and Marc Rowley have recently purchased the iconic Gambi property. We know the property intimately. The Rowley-Dinsmore family has owned the south adjoining property and has been neighbors to the Gambi property since 1919. The Roberts family, Londa’s family, has been north adjoining neighbors to the Gambi property since 1958. We  have a strong and distinguished reputation in hospitality for three  decades having operating Bigfoot Rafting Company for 28 years and the Coho Cottages since 2008.   This has given us the foundation to provide quality accommodations and services to our guests here at the  newly refurbished China Creek Cottages.  We think the Gambis would be  proud.

Enriquetta and Guglielmo Gambi immigrated to the U.S. from Florence, Italy in 1899. They made their way to San Francisco, California and soon after arrived in Humboldt County. After several years of raising kids and starting businesses in Arcata, they yearned for the land and weather of Tuscany. Traveling inland they soon discovered that Willow Creek was in fact, climate-wise, very similar to their old homeland. They purchased property in Willow Creek in 1919, planting gardens and orchards. In 1928 they started Gambi Motor Resort. Soon a restaurant and store joined the accommodations and gardens making for a true destination resort. It  was not uncommon for folks to travel from the San Francisco Bay area to  spend a few weeks in Willow Creek along the banks of the Trinity River. Gambis became known for fresh peaches, wonderful contemporary accommodations and world class Salmon and Steelhead fishing. The Gambi family operated the resort for nearly 50 years, finally selling the dynamic operation in 1977.